im the author of my life.


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Open your eyes.

New age Genocide 

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when you think you have $1 but you actually have $10


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Photos of Keke Palmer’s debut as Cinderella will bring tears to your eyes

Keke Palmer took the stage Tuesday night as the title character in Broadway’s Cinderella, marking the first time an African-American actress has played the role on theater’s biggest stage. 

"Dreams do come true" Follow micdotcom

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tis the season


tis the season

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"Be with the one who wants to literally thank each and every one of your ex’s for ever being stupid enough to let you go."

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"I’m proud of you and I love you; you will be okay."

something you should tell yourself every day because you should be and you should do, and you really will be. (via metamorphosisofmeg)

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